Book Online NOW and get a Tandem Jump for as little as ฿ 8.450*

We offer a number of methods to complete one of life’s most memorable experiences - a Sky Dive!

Thai Sky Adventures Full Price List for 2023

Tandem Jump

1 Person BOOK ONLINE NOW ฿8,450

Solo Sky Diving

Video of all AFF Jumps from Instructors helmet ฿3,000
Video of all AFF Jumps from Instructors helmet plus outside video of Level 1 + 7 ฿7,600
“A” License Course ฿128,550
AFF Full Course ฿86,950
AFF Level 1 (inc: GS, Tandem, Level 1 Sky Dive) ฿22,950
AFF Ground School ฿4,000
AFF Levels 2-3 (Per Level) ฿14,000
AFF Levels 4-7 (Per Level) ฿9,000
AFF Repeat Levels 1-3 (Per Level) ฿12,000
AFF Repeat Levels 4-7 (Per Level) ฿7,000
AFF Short Refresher ฿1,750
AFF Long Refresher (1 year or more out of sport) ฿2,750
Jump Ticket - Upto 5,500 feet ฿750
Jump Ticket - Above 11,000 feet ฿1,000
Gear Rental Per Jump (inc: Re-Pack) ฿800
Coach Jump without Gear Rental ฿4,500
Coach Jump with Gear Rental ฿5,300
Standard Video ฿3,800
Standard Photo’s and Video ฿4,800
Deluxe Photo’s and Video ฿5,800

"B" License Training

Ground School + 5 Jumps video'd and debriefed from the ground (not including Jumps) ฿7,750
Water Training - water drills Per Person (Pay straight to instructor) ฿3,000

Accommodation (PS2) and Transport

Single Sleep 1-2 ฿650
2 Bed Apartment 5-6 ฿1,200
Pick up from PS2 to Drop Zone (Round Trip) ฿500


Canopy Course ฿7,750
Checkout Dive AFF Jump (No Gear Rental) ฿4,500
Checkout Dive AFF Jump (With Gear Rental) ฿5,300

Professionally edited Photo’s and Video of your Tandem Jump from as little as ฿ 3,800


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