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We offer a number of methods to complete one of life’s most memorable experiences - a Sky Dive!

If you are new to sky diving you may have a few questions in your mind. Thai Sky Adventures have included more information for you here.

Q:My friend doesn’t want to jump, can he come in the plane?

Unfortunately not, for insurance reasons the only people allowed up in the plane are those that jump out (apart from the pilot’s!).

Q:Can I take my own pictures?

Sure, you’re welcome to take pictures on the ground before you get ready for your jump but you CAN NOT take your own camera in the aeroplane. We have experienced professional air to air videographer that can take great pictures and video of your sky dive.

Q:Is it safe?

Yes, we have run a similar business in the UK for 30+ years, employ the best staff and use the best available equipment. We follow the USPA safety guidelines and are inspected by the Thai Aviation Authority on a regular basis. Statistically Tandem sky diving has a risk factor of 0.5% while AFF and “A” License Course students have a risk factor of 1% (as they are not landing with an experienced instructor). However, if you consider that horse riding, cricket and American football rank above sky diving as “risky” sports, it puts things into perspective.

Q:Do you offer pickup service?

For Tandem jumpers return transport to and from your Pattaya hotel is included in the price of your jump.

Q:Where are you located?

We are located 25 km north of Pattaya and around 180 km south of Bangkok. We are just over an hour from Bangkok by car or taxi and 20 minutes drive from Pattaya. If you’re making your own way to the drop zone please take a look at the directions page and make a print out of how to get here. Most taxi drivers do not know the way and the directions in Thai really help (most of the time!).

Q:Is a reservation required?

Normally yes as we get busy. The easiest way to do this is to make a deposit payment online with a credit card through our website. Our website is a Positive SSL Secured Website. Your payment’s for your sky diving experience are processed securely. We use industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools and we don’t share your financial information with any other merchants. Having said that we can often fit people in if they call on the day as we make many flights each day. If you have a special day in mind or your part of a large group (more then 5), we suggest making a reservation online beforehand. If you are unable to make an online payment we require a cash deposit to secure your place on your desired jump date.

Q:How old do I have to be to sky dive?

Sky divers must be a minimum of 12 years of age with parental consent.

Q:Is there a weight limitation?

Yes, there is a weight limit of 115 Kg, however, your weight should be in proportion to your height and build. Most people who have an active lifestyle can go sky diving. If you weigh more than 95 kg you will have to pay a small supplement to your tandem instructor due to the extra effort needed to accommodate a larger person.

Q:Are there any medical considerations?

Yes, if you are over 60, taking prescription drugs or have suffered a recent injury or illness, you are required to bring a doctor’s certification stating that no adverse effects will result from vigorous activity, such as sky diving. If you have any doubts whatsoever about your fitness please contact us and we will refer you to a doctor who can advise you appropriately!

Q:What if I have been Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is a very popular sport in Thailand. If you are an experienced scuba diver, you understand that it is unsafe to sky dive following a scuba dive due to your susceptibility to getting the “bends” and will not be allowed to skydive for a minimum of 18 hours following the scuba dive to allow for “off gassing”. However for the inexperienced individuals who have dived 12 meters or less on a beginner course you are safe to skydive the next day.

Q:What should I wear?

It is important that you have a full range of motion when sky diving. Therefore, we suggest wearing non-restrictive clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jeans, sweat pants or other athletic wear). We can also provide you with a jumpsuit for your sky dive. On your feet please wear closed toe shoes such as trainers or sneakers etc. - no bare feet or sandals are allowed. We have some older shoes that you are welcome to borrow if you need too.

Q:What if the weather forecast is bad?

Sky diving has always been a weather-dependent sport. If you have been scheduled, you must come to the drop zone regardless of weather conditions. If we feel it is necessary to cancel, we will call you. If inclement weather occurs after you arrive, all jumping will either be postponed until later in the day, or cancelled. Jumping will recommence when weather conditions do not compromise safety.

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