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Thai Sky Adventures are a USPA affiliated drop zone and follows the Safety Regulations as published in the “Sky Divers Information Manual” and from time to time amended. We are located at Nong Khor Reservoir which is 96km south of Suvarnabhumi Airport and 42km north of the fun time city of Pattaya.

Drop Zone rules are as follows

In order to jump at the Thai Sky Adventures drop zone, you will be required to produce your License and Log Book and undertake refresher training if you have exceeded the allowable time period since your last jump. We accept any License and membership of your home country as long as issued by an FAI (Federation Aeronautique International) contracting country or state.

  • AAD is required
  • Reserve re-pack cycle is 6 months
  • Helmets required until “B” License
  • No cameras allowed until you have 200 jumps
  • No Tandem student mounted cameras
  • Wind limit for non-licensed jumpers is 14 Mph
  • Minimum deployment altitude for “D” License holders is 2,500 feet
  • Drop Zone rental gear and mandatory gear checks
  • No crossing the runway below 1,000 feet
  • No spiralling below 1,000 feet
  • No jumping whilst intoxicated, and that includes from the night before
  • No fun jumpers following Tandem Jumps

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