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Skydiving Thai Sky Adventures Thailand
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29,000 feet high and rising...

If you've taken a tandem jump before or you're an experienced skydiver you'll already know that it's an experience that's hard to beat - well, almost...

How about taking things up a notch or two?

Imagine if you could mix the intense rush and excitement of the skydiving experience with new environments, exploration, trekking, different cultures, adventure and the most amazing views on earth - then you'd really have something special, right?

Imagine no more. These exact experiences can be gained from a trip to Nepal, home of the highest drop zone in the world.

Leave the day-to-day world behind for two weeks and embark on something that has to rank as one of the greatest experiences out there - skydiving over Mount Everest.

Thai Sky Adventures highly recommends the Everest Skydive operation in Nepal - one of our directors has been a part of past sky dives and some of our crew have had first hand experience, both can tell you just how "out of this world" the experience is for all - from first time tandem jumpers to experienced solo skydivers.

This particular two week adventure only happens a couple of times a year (normally in May and October) and starts in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

Nepal is situated between Northern India and China and contains eight of the ten highest mountain peaks, including the world's tallest - Mount Everest. Aspects of the culture and religion in Nepal have continued relatively unchanged over the centuries and still offer a unique view of another way of life and thought.

The adventure begins...


"This is a tourist hotspot and your adventure begins with sightseeing and exploration of the history and culture of this amazing place."


After a couple of days of getting familiar with your surroundings, things change from simple tourism to pure adventure. A flight takes you out to the main gateway of Everest in Lukla where porters and their yaks await. The first week is an unforgettable trekking expedition with stunning views, river crossings, markets, Tibetan traders and...tea shops. Tea shops? well...yes. Trekking for this particular adventure is comfortable and well supported with both Western and local styles of living along the well established routes.

The trek is geared to take in all the best views, history and culture along the way while allowing you to acclimatize to the altitude as you go. Take in the views of famous mountain peaks, valleys, the national park and experience the Buddhist religion and Tibetan traders at first hand.

The second week starts to focus and build towards the skydiving experience. At this point you will be acclimatized and aware of your surroundings.


"The reality of how unbelievable and exciting this jump really is starts to sink in. No words can describe the anticipation."


Visits to the drop zone, meeting the advance party and spotting the aircraft heightens the excitement along with the buzz around other jumpers, cameramen, staff and crew. It's a special and exciting time for everyone.

Once on board the aircraft the stunning scenery reveals itself as a rare and less travelled skydiving skyline. As for the jump...well...tandem skydiving starts at 29,500 feet and features the best ever view of Mount Everest.

Your jump is taken care of by some of the most experienced sky divers out there so you can enjoy the ride and get the most from this spectacular skydive.


Skydive Nepal


"Become one of the few and experience an absolutely breathtaking ride and some of the best views on the planet. Unforgettable."


Contact Thai Sky Adventures today if you'd like to know more...

Call Tuk at our Thailand office on 085 900 3412 or contact us via email.


All images © copyright Wendy Smith Aerial


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