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Skydiving Thai Sky Adventures Thailand
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How to book...

  1. Once you have selected your requirement simply click to pay a deposit or full price.

  2. A booking page will load and you can select dates, and activity type as well as video and photo options.

  3. After that you can confirm and pay online with any major credit card through a high level secure connection supplied by the Thai Military Bank - TMB Bank.
Thai Sky Adventures offer professionally managed and safe skydiving at affordable prices.

We offer everything for the first time jump and you can even capture the moment with our video and photography services.

All prices are shown in Thai Baht and a link to a currency converter is provided. Terms and conditions apply with each price.

Please note prices are subject to change without notice. Credit card transactions are secure and processed through the professional TMB Bank payment system - quick and easy - no long forms and no need to register first.

 First Jumps

No experience needed!

You can enjoy the adrenaline rush of a tandem skydive or any of the other activities in this dark blue section without having any previous experience, including the bungy, scuba diving, kiteboarding and the jungle zipline in our two day Awesome Foursome packages.
 Tandem Jump
Book a tandem jump

Single Tandem Jump ONLY 9,950 Baht

You can pay the full price or a 3,000 Baht deposit.


Check out our group discount scheme, come with your friends. The bigger your group, the more you save...

Group Size and price per person

  • 2-3 people 9,550 THB per person (*$300 US)
  • 4-5 people 9,100 THB per person (*$300 US)
  • 6-7 people 8,500 THB per person (*$280 US)
  • 8-9 people 8,100 THB per person (*$270 US)
  • 10 or more 7,900 THB per person (*$260 US)
*Please Note: US $ prices will vary with exchange rates. Prices shown are approximate US $ price (for reference only). These prices can not be combined with any other discount or special offer.

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 Video & Photos
Capture your skydive!

Capture the moment...

Look back on your early days or review your technique on film. Remember, there is only ONE first jump!

Preserve your skydiving experiences to enjoy in the years to come and share them with your family and friends. Thai Sky Adventures can shoot air-to-air video and handle the photography for you.

Photography and Video

  • Video - 3,500 Baht
  • Video and Photos - 4,500 Baht

 Want More? 
Kite Boarding Image Scuba Diving Image Jungle Zipline Image Bungy Jumping Image
 Training Courses
After a tandem jump or two, many people decide skydiving is the sport for them and want to go to the next level.

Thai Sky Adventures provides complete and professional Accelerated Freefall courses so you can jump solo or you can train for the full A-License so you can jump independently anywhere in the world.

 AFF Training
Book an AFF Course

Aff - Complete Course

Accelerated Freefall (AFF)This method is designed for the individual who knows that he/she wants to be able to skydive solo. This course is comprised of a 5 to 6 hour ground school where you will learn everything you need to know and ever wanted to know about skydiving. This is followed by a total of eight instructor assisted jumps after which you are qualified to skydive solo.
  • 21,950 Baht - AFF Level 1
    (includes Groundschool + Canopy Control Tandem)

  • 13,000 Baht - AFF Level 2
  • 13,000 Baht - AFF Level 3
  • 8,000   Baht - AFF Level 4
  • 8,000   Baht - AFF Level 5
  • 8,000   Baht - AFF Level 6
  • 8,000   Baht - AFF Level 7
Total 79,950 Baht

Pay full price now and receive 5,000 Baht discount - 74,950 Baht

Please Note - This package assumes that you complete the AFF course in 7 jumps. Please be aware that advancement is based on successfully completing the objectives on each jump.

AFF Training
Complete Course
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21,950 Baht
74,950 Baht
AFF Training
Level 1 Only
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5,000 Baht
21,950 Baht
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 A-License Package
Book a complete AFF A-License Course

A-License Complete Course

Includes the full AFF Course with the additional 12 consolidation jumps, 5 coached jumps, and packing course needed to qualify you for the U.S.P.A. A-License allowing you the freedom to jump independently at Drop Zones all around the world!

A real life changer, but your still gonna need to sleep! This package includes - 13 nights accommodation with transport to and from the Drop Zone.

Special Offer

  • AFF Course 79,950 Baht
    Now Only 70,000 Baht

  • 12 Consolidation Jumps 23,400 Baht
    Now Only 21,000 Baht

  • 13 Nights Accommodation 12,350 Baht
    Free Daily DZ Bus Transfers

  • Coach Jumps 17,750 Baht
    Now Only 15,000 Baht

  • Parachute Packing Qualification Training 4,000 Baht
    Now Only 3,500 Baht

TOTAL PACKAGE Now Only 121,850 Baht

Usual price: 137,450 TB - a saving of 15,600 Baht! (over $470 USD)

Please Note - This package assumes that you complete the AFF course in 8 jumps. Please be aware that advancement is based on successfully completing the objectives on each jump.

To be issued a USPA licence, you must join USPA and apply for your license. We can help you do this. The charge for joining USPA and having your license issued is roughly $100US (3,200THB). Call or email for specific details.

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21,950 Baht
121,850 Baht
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 Skydiving Trip
Skydive Everest
Skydive Mount Everest Nepal

The Ultimate Skydive...

Leave the day-to-day world behind for two weeks and embark on something that has to rank as one of the greatest experiences out there - skydiving over Mount Everest.

Click for details...

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